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Since conception in the early seventies, Al Jazeera Shipping Co. has witnessed one success after another and has grown in stature from strength to strength as we have developed considerably and positioned ourselves as one of the major players within the Marine Industry in the region.

Over the years AJS has gained the confidence and trust of many loyal clients and it can only be said, that this has been mainly due to our solid infrastructure, diversification, top quality service and dynamic, highly skilled management team.

Aside from our business interests, we are also very committed to supporting our local community and contributing to social and charitable events. Another area of our concern is investing in manpower, health and safety, Information Technology and infrastructure development.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed clients, business associates, my fellow directors, the management team and staff for making AJS the success we are today. What we have achieved up to this day must be used as a platform for further growth

In recent times, despite the global financial crisis, however due to proper planning and hard work we have ensured that we remain on top in these particularly trying times and we will continue to utilize diligence and foresight for years to come.

As we continue to embark on expanding our range of services, maintaining our quest for excellence and industrial leadership, let AJS’s values - Passion, Honestly, Innovation, Quality and Leadership guide us towards greater profitability and prosperity.

We are looking forward, with great confidence, to a brighter future.

Ali Hasan Mahmood
Managing Director