Al Jazeera Shipping Company (AJS) has been active in the maritime industry and the offshore and oil industry for over the last 40 years and has a fleet of over 150 units consisting of various sizes and types of Tugs, Barges and other equipment. AJS is considered to be one of the largest marine operators in the Gulf region with vessels working all over the Arabian Gulf amongst other offshore companies operating in the UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, India and other countries in the region.

AJS is well known amongst all the marine and offshore industrial establishments, Bahrain Port Authorities, Shipping Agencies, etc., providing supplies and services required for Merchant Navy and the Naval Forces of the United States, The Royal British Navy, and other visiting Navy Naval vessels.
Al Jazeera Shipping Co enjoy respect of the industry for its efficiency, commitment and reliability.

Committed to achieving and maintaining excellence, AJS adopted a rigorous quality management system designed to systematically ensure high quality services while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal business processes. Certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard, and the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. AJS consistently provide services that meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.

The main activities of the company consist of chartering tugboats, supply boats, accommodation and work barges and leasing offshore construction equipment. The company also has its own marine fabricating yard of over 80,000sqm in area with 300m water frontage, situated adjacent to the Mina Salman Port area to carry out the allied repair and maintenance jobs. The skilled and well-experienced personnel in each category to attend to the requirements of our customers also ensure that assigned jobs are completed on time.

The company’s vessels are manned in accordance with the National Maritime Conventions requirements and conform to the International Maritime Standards and the Classification Societies requirements at all times. AJS is also a registered member of The Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO).


Since conception in the early seventies, Al Jazeera Shipping Co. has witnessed one success after another and has grown in stature from strength to strength as we have developed considerably and positioned ourselves as one of the major players within the Marine Industry in the region.

Over the years  AJS has gained the confidence and trust of many loyal clients and it can only be said, that this has been mainly due to our solid infrastructure, diversification, top quality service and dynamic, highly skilled management team.

Aside from our business interests, we are also very committed to supporting our local community and contributing to social and charitable events. Another area of our concern is investing in manpower, health and safety, Information Technology and infrastructure development.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our esteemed clients, business associates, my fellow directors, the management team and staff for making AJS the success we are today. What we have achieved up to this day must be used as a platform for further growth

Despite the global financial crisis in recent times, proper planning and hard work have ensured that we remain on top in these particularly trying times and we will continue to utilize diligence and foresight for years to come.

As we continue to embark on expanding our range of services, maintaining our quest for excellence and industrial leadership, let AJS’s values – Passion, Honesty, Innovation, Quality and Leadership guide us towards greater profitability and prosperity.

We are looking forward, with great confidence, to a brighter future.

Ali Hasan Mahmood
Managing Director


Al Jazeera Shipping Co. W.L.L is certified to the ISO 9000:2015 Quality Management System.

All Vessels and Barges owned by AJS are classified by IACS member classification societies.

Al Jazeera Shipping Co. W.L.L. is in compliance with the International Safety Management Code (ISM) as well as the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS), which helps consolidate its reputation as a responsible and reliable company and supplier.


As a leader in its industry, AJS recognizes its responsibility to give back to the community, and encourages its employees to make a difference in the neighborhoods where they live. We support a broad range of organizations that are working to build a safer and healthier future; we salute the work of these groups, and urge everyone to get involved in building a better tomorrow—on land and at sea.



To create shareholder value through the provision of modern, innovative and sustainable solutions to our partners in the offshore energy sector.


To be the leading global provider of Mobile Offshore Units.


At Al Jazeera Shipping Co. we value our people, partners, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. At AJS we always strive to be innovative, constantly improve performance and always maintain the highest level of integrity.


    • We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, clients and partners, and to behaving with environmental responsibility. We focus on assuring the safety of everything we design, construct, operate and maintain.
    • We are cost-conscious and manage our risks effectively. We continually seek opportunities to grow our business and to create value for our shareholders.
    • We behave responsibly in all our business relationships.


    • We always look for better ways to meet our clients’ needs through continuous improvement. We build on our past experiences and embrace innovation.
    • We set ourselves challenging targets to deliver a superior performance and to exceed our stakeholders’ and clients’ expectations.
    • We are proud of our business and track record, and our reputation and integrity are important to us. We work with rigor and transparency to ensure we are the preferred contractor of choice.


    • We build trust with each other, our clients, partners, suppliers, investors and the communities in which we work.
    • We aim to attract and retain premium staff for our business and ensure they are empowered to carry out their duties safely and effectively. We value the diversity of our employees and provide an environment where everyone can perform to their full potential and be rewarded for delivering excellence


AJS prides itself on operational excellence, which can be directly attributed to our highly competent and diverse workforce, both on land and at sea.  Our region wide vessel operations are supported by locally-based teams that include commercial, fleet management, safety and technical professionals.

We work hard to ensure we recruit the right person for the job, and through our individual performance management processes evaluate and develop the capability and competence of our people.  This includes successful leadership development programs.

Our core values of responsibility, excellence and relationships underpin the way we work together to provide our clients with efficient and safe operational services.

We value our employees, not just for what they do, but for the way they do it and we demonstrate our appreciation through our reward and recognition schemes.